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Welcome to the Sign-up page for our Far Cry Weekend Cup 2022!
Please fill all the boxes below. We need your player name with and without color tags.
You can participate in one or both cups (ASSAULT Cup / FFA Cup).

You can sign up until 19th of October 2022.
Please commit as soon as possible and don't wait until the last day. Thank you!

Far Cry Name Colors:
$0 = Black
$1 = White
$2 = Blue
$3 = Green
$4 = Red
$5 = Cyan
$6 = Yellow
$7 = Purple
$8 = Orange
$9 = Gray

Time is up!
No more Sign Up's possible for the Weekend Cup 2022!
(Sign Up was till: 19th of October 2022)

The following players have already signed up:

Player Name Cup(s)
*RD*Kr!eger FFA Cup / Substitute Player
Quentin QUARANTINO Both Cups
s k N Assault Cup
=sZ= Scarab313 Assault Cup
Shark Both Cups
KILLroy FFA Cup / Substitute Player
viRSTY Both Cups
BigSteve Both Cups
wiKon Both Cups
pSyCooo Assault Cup
-{DjXa}-Didjay FFA Cup
Crispy Chicken FFA Cup
A|d|a|m.raw Assault Cup
JP [MFA] Assault Cup
Joel Both Cups
*[H.FC.C.]* FLoOR Both Cups
~~Pho3n!X~~ FarC!arz Assault Cup
-==Saibot==- FFA Cup
[wte]BlaDe Assault Cup
Mikey Both Cups
Dayron[PL] Assault Cup
Jakeman Both Cups
~Schafbock~ Assault Cup
Jago Both Cups
Astaron Substitute Player

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