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Would you believe it,
Far Cry is 20 years old!

Yes, it is true, this March marks the 20th anniversary since Jack Carver went on the fateful boating
trip in the South Seas that saw him fighting mercenaries, mutants and megalomaniacs alike. And yet,
Jack, his friends as well as his foes don't seem to have aged one day. They still entertain us with
thrilling action night after night whenever we all meet on the servers to enjoy some Far Cry
multiplayer fun together.

For us as a community, the 20th anniversary of Far Cry is the perfect reason to celebrate the game
that has brought us so much joy over all these the years. Let's party!

We would like to invite everyone to join us for a whole week of festivities and to participate in
tournaments, one-off events and surprises straight out of the Far Cry universe!

The Far Cry Anniversary Week will be hosted between the

18th and 23rd of March.

It will kick off on Monday with the three-day 2v2 Afterwork Cup and culminate in the Anniversary
Assault Cup
on Saturday. All throughout the week we will play different game modes together and treat
ourselves to fun fragging nights and brand-new map surprises.

So, send your kids off to boarding school and your partners on a cruise... if you truly love Far Cry you
wouldn't want to miss out on any of this! It is a once in a lifetime chance. Get ready to celebrate!

How to sign up for the Anniversary Week?

The Anniversary Week 2024 is meant to be a week-long celebration of Far Cry and everyone is invited
to join in. Have fun playing with like-minded Far Cry fans from around the world!

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Anniversary Week 2024: The Schedule

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Anniversary Week 2024: Public Games

If you want to play in the Afterwork Cup and in the Anniversary Cup, we would like to ask you to sign up in
advance so that we can gauge player interest and organise these events accordingly. Please make
sure that you can play all the matches in each of these tournaments before you commit. Also keep in mind
that you must be present on our TeamSpeak 15 minutes before each competition starts.

To sign up for the Afterwork Cup and the Anniversary Cup, please head over to our Sign-up page.
Sign-up for both tournaments is open until Saturday, 16th of March, 2024 (20:00 CET).

Sign-up Deadline
The following players have already signed up:

Player Name Cup(s)
*RD*Kr!eger Anniversary Cup / Substitute Player
[E-s.]shark Both Cups
[wte]BlaDe Anniversary Cup / Substitute Player
=}G{= 000 Anniversary Cup
K!nGToggY Both Cups
BigSteve Both Cups
JP [MFA] Both Cups
DW.JAG Afterwork Cup
TomCatGer Afterwork Cup / Substitute Player
*[H.FC.C.]* FLoOR Both Cups
A|d|a|m.raw Afterwork Cup
IcePinguin Both Cups
[wte]RenDhark Afterwork Cup
AKIRA Both Cups
~~Pho3n!X~~ FarC!arz Anniversary Cup
NyroxZ Anniversary Cup
=|HSC|= Viper Anniversary Cup
ExtraTeo17 Anniversary Cup
Caroline9897 Anniversary Cup
=}G{= GonZ Both Cups
HeRoeZ||AnC!3nT Both Cups
HeRoeZ||AcRob4t* Both Cups
Jake Both Cups
ScArFaCe Afterwork Cup
c0k3r Anniversary Cup
[E-s.]vtnklmdc Anniversary Cup
Astaron Substitute Player

What is the Afterwork Cup?

The Afterwork Cup is a 2v2 multiplayer ASSAULT tournament and will be held between
Monday and Wednesday, 18th to 20th of March 2024. The matches will start
at 20:15 and end at approximately 23:30 CET. Please join our LRv3 TeamSpeak 15 minutes ahead of time.
Make sure that you can play all matches and stay to the very end until the last games are finished.

The Afterwork Cup is split into two stages:
1. Pool Stage (Monday and Tuesday)
2. Knockout Stage (Wednesday)

In the pool stage, every participant is randomly teamed up with another player from the group of contestants.
For each of the following matches the teams will be reshuffled and will fight against a different team.
You will play a minimum of 4 matches each day and you will have a new partner and new opponents
for each game during this stage.

At the end of the pool stage on Tuesday night, the overall results of each player’s games will be
used to determine their rank. The top players will then be appointed as team leaders for the
Wednesday knockout stage. Starting with rank #1 they will one by one pick their permanent team mate for
the remainder of this tournament from the pool of draft players.

On Wednesday, teams will play up to 4 elimination matches and battle for the victory in the Afterwork Cup.

For more detailed information on the rules, the scoring and the team setup of the Afterwork Cup,
please have a quick look at our rulebook. The timetable and match fixtures will be
available on our Afterwork Cup page a soon as the number of players is settled.

What is the Anniversary Cup?

To round off our Far Cry Anniversary Week 2024, we will have a big showdown with 4 teams battling
for the Far Cry ASSAULT crown in the grand final on Saturday, the 23rd of March.

The Anniversary Cup is an ASSAULT tournament very much like our annual Weekend Cup. As
always, we are aiming for 6 versus 6 matches. However, this time around, the team setup will
be decided on the spot by 4 appointed team captains, who will pick their team members one by
one from the pool of available players right before the Cup starts.

The team that has the most points after all 6 rounds have been played will be the winner of the
Anniversary Cup. In case 2 teams finish level on points, the head-to-head matches
(points, flag difference) will be used to decide who is winner. If these stats still don't break the tie,
the combined kills of all team members involved in the direct duels will be used. As a last
resort, the overall kills of all team members in the whole tournament combined will decide.

In the unlikely case that 3 or all 4 teams finish level on points, first the overall flags and then
the overall kills of all team members combined will decide.

The Anniversary Cup starts in the late afternoon and continues into the evening hours, with short
breaks in between the matches and an ample dinner break at half-time. Check out our Anniversary
page to have a look at the detailed timetable.

Anniversary Cup Server Settings
Password protected? Yes (will be given out on TeamSpeak)
Spectators allowed? tba.
Auto respawn? Yes
Map time 20 minutes for each side
Respawn time 12 seconds (for 5 versus 5 or higher player numbers)

No maps have been selected yet.

We are open for suggestions! Send us an e-mail to or
suggest maps on our Discord server. Please keep in mind that
all ASSAULT maps must be suitable for higher player numbers and have 3 flags in total.

Anniversary Week Prizes

Participants in our Far Cry Anniversary Week can look forward to receiving special prizes.
There will be certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both the Afterwork Cup and
the Anniversary Cup.

In addition to that, there will be participation certificates as a nice souvenir for everyone who
played during the Anniversary Week 2024. The only condition is that you must have signed up for
one of the two Cups beforehand and that you have played all your required matches.
All these certificates will be sent out via e-mail in the PDF file format, ready for printing.

In cooperation with TrackBase there will also be TrackBase Points (TBP) for each player.
These points will be distributed among all team players in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of both Cups.

An overview of all prizes can be found below:

In order to use your TrackBase points, a TrackBase account is required.

With your TrackBase points you can:
➔ Buy or extend your TrackBase premium membership
➔ Advertise on TrackBase
For more detailed information visit the TrackBase Shop.

For both the Afterwork Cup and the Anniversary Cup, all players are required to join
our official TeamSpeak server (see TSViewer on the side menu)
15 minutes before the first match starts.

All players need a fully working and updated Far Cry game and LRv3 Add-on. If you need
to reinstall or update Far Cry, but encounter some issues, please contact the LRv3 Team
for support ahead of time. We are happy to help you out.

See you soon on the battlefield!

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